Chrześcijańska Formacja ku Dojrzałości Integralnej



Post modernity exacerbates the fragmentation and the dichotomy of values that deconstruct the classical patterns of morality, thereby causing much difficulty in the integral education and moral formation of the modern man. The more noble motivation a person makes, the more beautiful becomes his/her Christian personality. Christian moral formation is more of an art than any technological strategy to build a healthy valuation of the individual. Christian ethical formation requires the help of educational and formative organizations, such as Schools, Churches or peer groups.

Becoming mature in the sense of the psycho-spiritual growth is a process integrally related to the ethical education of intellectual, emotional and social man. This moral socialization process includes the effort of others, especially parents and educators. The road to mature self-formation to which man is called by God, involves also conversion, growth and mature actions of the individual. The integral Christian formation is more than a just result of a healthy motivation. The internal formation based on mature faith and morality gives the long-term motivation, which becomes his/her philosophy of meaningful life. There is thus a great public demand for well-formed altruistic, ascetic and moral personalities. Surely the leading principle of the mature personality traits constitutes the sincere interpersonal relations, intelligently expressed emotion, humor and inner moral insight. The personalization of essential principles, values and virtues help the individual in becoming an integrated person in every aspect of healthy life.
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