Krzysztof Stanibuła (B. Phil., M.Div., Th. M., S.T.L, Ph.D)



– Doctor of Theological Sciences


– Doctorate study  at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland; Dissertation topic: “The Christian Moral Formation as a Way of Mature Personality Development according to G. W. Allport”. Committee for the dissertation thesis: Professors; Rev. Prof. Dr. Marian Pokrywka, Prof. CUL, Rev. Prof. Andrew Derdziuk, OFM Cap., Prorektor at the CUL and Rev. Prof. Dr Zbigniew Wanat.


– S.T.L. in Theology (22.06.2010) from Catholic University of Lublin, Pl Program in Ethical Anthropology. Thesis: “The Role of Faith in Moral Development”. Committee for the thesis: Professors; Rev. Andrew Derdziuk, Dean of Theology, Dr. Thaddeus Zadykowicz and Rev. I. Ledwon OFM, prof. CUL (97 credits)


– M. Th. Weston Jesuit School of Theology, Cambridge, (presently Boston College) with completed course work in Pastoral Theology (Care and Counseling 27 credits)


– M.Div. in Pastoral Theology awarded at SS. Cyril and Methodius Seminary, MI (48 credits).


– Planned and coordinated Youth activities, guitar music for weekly celebrations at the Our Lady of the Angels Church, Fall River during a formation year.


– B.Phil. equivalency (119 credits) in Philosophy and Master of Theology (15.02. 2010), Ethical Program at Catholic University of Lublin, Pl.


Modern Languages: Polish (native), English, Russian and [limited] Portuguese

Ancient Languages: Classical Greek [limited], Latin


2011– 2012 – The Covenant as the Ethics of Old Testament,

– The History of  Theology (seminar) at the Catholic University of Lublin

2010 – 2011 Theological Anthropology at the Catholic University of Lublin
1989 –1990 History of the Catholic Church  at Lublin high schools, Poland.
1986 – European history teacher – at the Technical Engineering high school, Lubycza Królewska Poland.

Major Areas of Interest:

– Theological  Anthropology
– Philosophies of a person (realistic personalism)
– Social Ethics, Sexual Ethics, Professional Ethics and Prejudice
– Theology, Philosophy and Psychology of Religion
– History of Philosophy and Theology
– History of Judeo-Christian Relations in Lublin, Poland
– Christian Formation and Counseling Studies

-Integrative Medicine


Books: Chrześcijańska Formacja ku Dojrzałości Integralnej, Gaudium, Lublin 2016

The self-formation and anthropology of becoming (upcoming 2018)

Franciscan Spirituality Essays
The Charisma and Life of St. Maksymilian Kolbe.
Faith in the Personal Development
Theological Anthropology of the Person as a Way of Meaningful Life
The Postmodern Revival of the Philosophical Anthropology toward Interpretation of Religion and Morality
The Case Analysis of Health-care: Chaplaincy Work in the Selected Hospitals
In Loving Memory of My Father

Music Recording:

Produced CD recording St Anne’s Fall Presentations Concert 2003 Pro-Musica with the Worcester Polish School & Heritage Foundations.


Being a Christ Bearer, Anchor Oct 30, 2009
Faith issues reflections for the Church of Holy Spirit newsletter 1994-1995 and SPX newsletter 2016-17
Culture and religion essays for the Głos Zamojszczyzny cultural magazine of Zamość region (97-99) and Boston’s biweekly, White Eagle (2003-2004)
Professional Memberships:
Kosciuszko Foundation, Notary Public Association. Vice-President of the Pro-Musica Inc. Pro-Musica Inc., is a non-profit organization established in Massachusetts in 2004, to promote musicians, painters, sculptors, and other artists in order to support charitable organizations in New England.